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Principle Day 17

Learning Principle has been fun and challenging. Aside from screaming at the computer a few times when I got stuck on an animation, I think the UI is very intuitive and unique which made using it an enjoyable experience. So after immersing myself into Principle for 17 days, check out where I’m at. I’m pretty satisfied and confident in my skills with the tool now, but there is still so much to learn. Here are a few interactions from my Centerpiece project:

Selection detail page.

Selection detail page.

First time user experience.

First time user experience.

For more detail on this project, visit my case study here.

Hip-Hop Taught Me How to be a Designer

DJ-ing for a crowd is essentially a usability test. You’re constantly feeding off the vibe of the crowd and adjusting your composition in real time responding to that feedback. If you aren’t processing the data correctly, you’ll end up losing the audience and never be invited back to play that venue ever again!

As a DJ, I can equate creating music to composing a visual design. The space in between each beat is your white space. The tempo is your grid. Graphics and color are your instruments, and words and typography are your lyrics. It’s a carefully composed and curated process.

Though my DJ-ing days are rare nowadays, it’s influenced me so much in becoming the designer that I am today. These two pieces were created eons ago, but I hope you enjoy them nonetheless.

Joel Judal
Mural Session with Romali Licudan and Steve Ha

A few years back, before I had my daughter and had all the time in the world, I had bought a DSL camera with the ambitions of creating video content for our small clothing brand a few of us had started. This was the last video I was able to film and edit before my life got consumed with being a father.

On this day I documented the execution of a collaborative mural by friends Romali Licudan (romali_habitat2) and Steve Ha (flavorinnovator). The soundtrack is produced by my friend Joe Bernal (jo_def).

My first day using Principle...

So today I had my first try at using Principle. When I first saw what the software was capable of doing, I knew that it was something I had to learn. The software is fun to use, and my experience with video editing software and keyframes made things easy to acclimate to.

For this first day I experimented with the actions for the “Login Flow” for my Centerpiece project. Stay tuned to watch my progress.