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Joel Judal: UX Designer EM: jjudal@gmail.com PH: 510.691.0305 View Resume

The Art of Progression.

Rapper alias suggestions welcome.

Like many kids from the 90’s, I am a product of Hip-Hop. I spent many hours DJ-ing, always with the goal of perfecting my craft; my style. Constantly improving to make your work better is a core value that was instilled in me as a kid. And it’s probably the perfect mindset to have to prepare one to be a UX designer.

Ultimately this value has become an obsession, and it’s helped progress my career from Visual Designer to Art Director to UX Designer. As the design world evolves to consider the user more than ever, I’m eager to learn and evolve with it.


UX Design Certificate: General Assembly - 2019

Graphic Design Certificate: Chabot College - 2008

BA in Communication: San Diego State University - 2002